About Me

I was born in Strathriy, Ontario.  I lived in a handful of cities throughout Ontario.  I moved to Calgary, Alberta when I was in my 30's.  I currently live in a hamlet in Alberta with the Canadian Rockie Mountains in my backyard.

I went to college in Windsor , Ontario for three years.  I studied Business-Adminstration- Accounting.  I have a Personal Management Certificate and a Business Management Certificate.  As well as my Accounting Certificate.  I made it on the Dean's List twice, and the President's List once.

I was introduced to painting on a cruise ship about 5 years ago, and the teacher mentioned that I had artistic talent.  Which has brought me to where I am today.

My inspiration comes from my backyard, the Canadian Rockie Mountains.  We also travel alot, some flying and some road trips, where I captured a lot of wonderful scenery, to use to paint beautiful paintings.

I am self taught - mostly YouTube videos, using about 10 different artists, and took a few art classes.  From which I created and developed my own style.

Some people say my paintings show distance, some say they look three dimensional, and some say that you could just walk right into the painting.  I am also told I paint a great likeness to the photograph I used, and some say it looks better then the photograph.

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